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New Credit Repair Software for Mortgage Brokers helps more qualify for loans

Start a credit repair business with Software for Mortgage Brokers PROVIDES CRITICAL TOOLS TO HELP more qualify for loans


Improve Credit Score(Los Angeles, CA)  June 12, 2012 – New Credit-Aid Credit Repair Software for Mortgage Brokers (Credit-Aid Corporate Pro 1000 Software) was launched today as the newest product from the award-winning Los Angeles company Credit-Aid (aka: The Credit Doctor). Designed with mortgage brokers and loan officers in mind, or to start a credit repair business. Credit-Aid software provides a simple, cutting-edge system that will save mortgage brokers hundreds of hours of time by automating the process of improving credit scores and thereby helping qualify clients for a wider array of loan products.

Daniel Rosen, the founder of Credit-Aid, calls Credit-Aid Corporate Pro 1000 software, “the single, most important software for mortgage brokers who work with borrowers with less then absolutely perfect credit.”  Mortgage Brokers can now solve that dilemma for less than $1 per client!

Michael Jaffa, a Los Angeles transactional attorney and litigator, worked with Rosen over a two-year period to develop the Credit-Aid software. “This program comes at a time when there is no other program servicing mortgage brokers and loan professionals’ needs. Our research has shown that most potential buyers are three to twelve months away from being ready for loan approval or refinancing due to outstanding issues on their credit report.

Doctor“Many potential borrowers have been hurt by the recent turmoil in the sub-prime market. Lenders are tightening standards and demanding larger down payments. Mid-tier borrowers are being pushed into “Alt-A” loans where they could be considered prime borrowers if their credit scores were just a few points higher. To get clients the best loan possible, loan officers used to spend hundreds of hours cleaning up credit reports. Now, Credit-Aid Corporate Pro 1000 completely automates this process and is the most user-friendly and powerful program on the market to date.”

The software enables fast access to clients’ credit reports. When negative items or inaccuracies are found, it automatically generates personalized letters written by a business attorney demanding the appropriate action be taken. With studies showing that as many as 79% of all credit reports contain errors that can lower a persons credit score, the good news is that most can be removed when properly called to the attention of the credit bureaus. This software will allow those in the loan business to process more loans and close deals faster. 

Repair Bad Credit“Our software is a fresh approach to solving the Loan Broker’s dilemma,” states Rosen. “It is designed to help those people walking in the door who need a loan but whose choices are limited to expensive high-risk products or who are completely shut out by negative credit issues and a low credit score. Credit-Aid Corporate Pro 1000 can resolve problems faster by addressing inaccuracies, requesting items be removed, and updating potential borrowers’ credit reports to reflect the latest information with just a few clicks of the mouse.”

Designed to store data on up to one hundred (1000) clients, the new software comes with an instant mortgage loan calculator, a debt ratio calculator,  the ability to perform simple bookkeeping functions, a database designed to track letters and a built-in reminder to mortgage brokers when it’s time to check up on their clients.

Created as stand-alone software, it protects sensitive client information by encrypting these files. The software does not use the Internet to transmit information, providing additional security to guarded information. Credit Aid runs on Windows Vista and Windows XP systems.

Credit-RepairRosen started designing the software for mortgage brokers when the loans industry in California began to hit a slump. Says Rosen, “Mortgage brokers contacted us, after using our consumer product and specifically asked for this product. We are dedicated to serving this market and will continue to develop new products to serve the financial marketplace.”  As the developer of the award-winning credit repair software for consumers, Rosen has won accolades from the high tech industry and is a twice-featured speaker at the “PC Magazine Awards for Excellence” at Comdex. 


To enhance the attributes of the new software, Rosen is also offering mortgage brokers private label credit repair software for their clients.” 

Credit Aid Pro Software is priced at $399.99 and has no recurring fees.

For more information or for a free demo, visit: or read Rosen’s online blog at:

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"Your program is fantastic! I raised my credit score 237 points in 30 days and saved thousands on my home loan!"
— Dave Goodman
Phoenix, AZ

"Editor's Choice: A powerful, user-friendly program that delivers what it promises."
— Lloyd Seagan
Stuff Magazine

"This company was WONDERFUL to deal with; the greatest customer service on the net!!"
Jennifer W.
Maple Shade NJ

"A bad credit score can negatively impact a person's ability to obtain a decent mortgage. I help my clients with Credit-Aid Corporate PRO 1000 Software. It's simple to use and effective. Thank you for a wonderful and reasonably priced product!"
— Noe Longoria, Loan Officer
Simplex Mortgage, San Jose, CA

"Credit-Aid Plus is remarkably well designed. Installation was a snap, and I find it extremely easy to use. After 4 days of putting it through the paces without a single crash-error, I'm fairly certain the code is clean, tight and reliable. Strictly on functionality, it is virtually flawless and easily stands on its own merit. Yet, you went to great lengths to provide a highly intuitive user interface complete with an interactive co-pilot, wizards and pop-up reminders always at the ready to provide guidance every step of the way, leaving nothing to chance or lingering questions. The result is a solid, well-rounded product that is both educational and fun to use, quickly melting away all the trepidation and anxiety I generally feel on the sore subject of credit repair known more for the anguish and intimidation it engenders. Credit-Aid Plus is a bargain, compared to the cost of credit repair services which couldn't possibly do any better legally. It gives Main Street a heck of a fighting chance against Wall Street. If there's anything it can't, I simply haven't found it. The product is that complete! For the first time in all the years I've agonized over my credit woes, I actually feel empowered, rather than helpless. As for support, I haven't needed any... the product is truly idiot-proof! Even so, I did call in before my purchase with a pre-sales question and received a call-back within 2 hours. Not bad! There is not a single thing I would change in the software; and that's saying a lot. It is refreshing to see a product that delivers on both form and function, true to its promise. If anything, Credit-Aid Plus over-delivers on every front. I am thoroughly impressed with the product and would highly recommend it without reservation. It's exactly what the doctor ordered... no pun intended! You should be very proud."
— Chima A. Ochiagha
Information Technology Strategist
Houston, TX

"I was able to buy a home -- even with my bankruptcy! Thank you for such a wonderful product!"
Richard Samarcelli
Woodland Hills, CA

"I most most impressed with how far they were willing to go to help me as I was having a problem with my computer. This product is awesome."
Dunlap, IL

"I LOVE this Software! Prior to using it, I spent quite a bit of money on an expensive "credit repair company" that did NOTHING but take my money! Credit-Aid Software has made it very easy for me to repair my own credit. In my first month I saw huge results and was able to qualify for a better rate on a Refi. Thank you Credit Doctor!"
James J. Redman
Coco Beach, FL

"Great services...great software, this application will help many people to work faster and better with their credit. Thank you Credit-Aid!"
L. Barrera

Riverside CA"My order was handled very well. I'm pleased with every aspect of my shipping of items, and they communicated well with me. Thank you very much!"
Michael Underwood,
Raleigh NC

"It is evident that the publisher has done his homework and researched the necessary requirements, provided comprehensive information yet been able to keep it concise so that the user is not overwhelmed. Of all the credit repair companies for profit, non-profit, Credit-Aid is to be the best choice for price, capabilities, ease of use, and informative without the superfluous legaleze...a Superior product!"
Jeffery A Reilly
Portland, OR

"I earn more in Credit Repair than I ever did as a Mortgage Broker...and I work fewer hours!"

- Phil Entenman., Boca Raton, FL
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