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January 12, 2013

To all customers who may visit this page from old links:

We have ended our software reseller program.

We are grateful for all of your business since we created the first Credit Repair Software so many years ago.

You've come to this page to learn about reseller software, but resellers and private label software are no longer a direction we are pursuing at this time. We prefer to only focus on Credit Repair Cloud. If you're an existing reseller from the past and need activation key refills, please write to your rep who delivered your store information and we will continue support you. Otherwise, please understand that we no longer wish to be in the business of private label software. Thank you for your visit.

If you want to start a credit repair business, checkout classes and resources at, download our free guides, watch our most recent webinar at how to start a profitable credit repair business. Then later, when you're ready for helping clients, signup for a free trial Credit Repair Cloud and try it for free. It's awesome.

We wish you all the best of success!

Daniel Rosen
Founder, Credit-Aid Software

Love your Credit Repair Cloud
Culver City, CA USA













white label credit repair software

*Most resellers sell downloads-only (instead of CD's) because of lower cost, and nothing to store or to ship. The most affordable option is generic reseller software with no Credit-Aid Branding, available in English or Spanish. Your automated web-store is 100% turn-key, ready to accept credit cards (paid directly to you) and deliver instant downloads. Buy in bulk (wholesale) at $14 per key (or less) and resell for as much as you like. This is passive income with an unlimited profit potential. Just set your price and choose your profit!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why be a reseller?
What is "White Label" and "Private Label" Credit Repair Software?
What do the Reseller Software and Store look like? Can I try it?
How do I get started?
What if I already have my own website?
How is my customer sent their download?
How much money / profit can I make?
Are there any other fees?
Can I add my own photo, graphics or logo to the software itself?
Do you offer financing?
What is the pricing?

Why be a Reseller?

Two words: "Passive-Income."

Some resellers offer it as a do-it-yourself alternative for potential clients who don't want credit repair services. They offer to refund the software if the customer returns for paid services (9 times out of 10 they return).

Others give them as gifts or bundle with their other products.

What is "White Label/Generic" or "Private Label" Software"?

"Generic "Reseller" software is exactly the same as our "Credit-Aid™ brand" home software (and eBook), but it has a different color scheme and and NO "Credit-Aid™" branding or contact information. It's YOUR Product! Your 100% turnkey automated store is ready to accept credit cards (paid directly to you), and deliver instant software downloads to your customers. .Buy at wholesale and sell for any price you like.

private label credit repair software

What do the "reseller" software and store look like? Can I try it?

Yes, of course! Click below to see live working reseller store.


What does my customer receive?

At the end of a successful transaction in your Landing-Page-Store , an customized automated download letter is automatically sent from your email address, with your company logo to your customer.

Click here to see a sample download letter that your customer will see.

How do I get started?

Contact us or Buy a Reseller Package, we'll send you the reseller agreement and start setting up your store.

Sign up for PayPal (FREE) and E-junkie ($5 a month)

Choose a price for your software!

We'll do the rest! Your automated store collects credit card payments made to YOU and sends instant downloads to your even has a built in affiliate program!

What if I already have my own website?

That's great! You will still need us to set up the backend automation with your paypal (free) and your e-junkie ($5 a month). Then we wll give you "buy-now" button code and graphics to paste into your site, blog or email. This code will turn any web page into a fully functional web store. When a customer clicks on it, voila! A cart pops up to accepts credit cards (paid to you) and delivers then an instant download!

Add to Cart Click this button to buy a copy of our generic no-brand Reseller Software! User Discount code RESELLER (ALL IN CAPS) (to lower the cart price to 29.95). When you become a reseller we'll credit back the cost of this sample. Remember: as a "reseller" you will buy at wholesale and resell at any price you like. In your store, only your details and your pricing will show!

How much money/profit can I make?

The profit potential is unlimited, because you can charge whatever you like. Set your own price and choose your profit!

Are there any other fees?

We deliver all reseller software with a FREE Reseller store page. You only pay for the backend automation programming (setup).
Even if you already have your own website and your own web designer you will still need our backend automation programming.
You will also need a PayPal account (free) and an e-junkie account ($5 a month).

Backend Automation Programming (setup fee) is normally $399.95. This is required. You cannot have a reseller store without having the automation and your landing page store configured by our programmers.


Can I add my own photo, graphics or logo to the software itself?

Custom programming is costly with a minimum charge of $5,000 just add a logo. For this reason, most resellers opt for our "Generic" reseller software as shown here with NO branding. It's cost-effective because it requires no special programming. However if you're selling these on your website, you can have any branding on your website, and if you're making CD's, you can put your own branding and artwork on your CD's and sleeves. That part is all handled by you.

How do I start?

Request financing


Do you offer financing?

Unfortunately no

What is the pricing?