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Here’s a quick overview of the major features of the Credit-Aid Pro workspace:




1. Add New Client
Create a Client Information profile.

2. Active Client List
Select a client you wish to work with.

3. Client Overview
Master List of clients active and inactive.

4. Client Detail Page
Personal details, scores, dispute status.

5. Bonus Materials
Legal Documents, Guides, Marketing materials, more.

6. Credit Dispute Wizard
Start here with every client. Order Reports, Review Reports and Correct Errors.

7. Dispute Wizard
Enter items to dispute to the credit bureaus for an instant dispute letter.

8. Detail of Disputes
When you dispute an item in the wizard (and create a bureau dispute letter, the items you’ve disputed and their status will appear here. This information is seen by your client if you have a Client Portal Account.

9. Storeroom of Letters
Additional assortment of dispute, validation (and related) letters.

10. Add your own Custom Letters
Add your own favorite letters to the Storeroom Library.



Tips-128   The best way to see the software is to
  log in as “Sample Client” and explore!





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