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Case Study: Phil Entenmann

Phil was a Florida Mortgage Broker who spent more time helping clients with credit issues than processing loans. As the recession crippled the mortgage industry, Phil shifted his focus to credit repair. Phil now earns more with credit repair than he ever did as a mortgage broker (and he works fewer hours).

  Timeline: Phil purchased CREDIT-AID PRO 1000 software and a "Credit-Repair 101" course at the American Credit Repair Academy, a business website and a client portal. The software automated Phil's disputes so he could handle more clients. The course taught him how to acquire clients quickly and to achieve a 99% success rate on removals.
  Month 1: Using Denise's client-building strategies, Phil signed up 16 clients in his first month with a profit of $6,880.
  Month 2: By his third month Phil had 56 clients and a monthly revenue of $14,120. Each success brought more referrals.
  Month 12: In twelve months Phil had a steady stream of referrals from Mortgage Brokers, Loan officers and Realtors (via his client portal) generated phil more revenue than he ever had as a mortgage broker. He plans to increase his staff to handle the growing list of clients.
 Quote: "I earn more with my credit repair business than I ever did as a mortgage broker!"


Case Study: Dorothea and Hosea Fitten

Dorothea and Hosea Fitten, known experts among Real Estate Investors for over 20 years, now co-own Credit Restore Consortium. After years of trying to find companies to help clients raise their credit scores, they embraced the old adage of “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” They knew the obstacles could be overcome and now profit from helping people achieve the American Dream of owning a home, buying a car, having credit cards and a great credit score. Their new business has given them the freedom of being self-employed, more income and the satisfaction of helping others succeed.

  Timeline: Purchasing CREDIT-AID PRO 1000, “Credit-Repair 101” course, Client Portal sped them on their way. Their expertise as property investors coupled with the wisdom and understanding of the credit restoration process through the American Credit Repair Academy made it easy and simple to explain the advantages to get clients signed up.
  Month 1: The timeline they set for their success was six to twelve months. With the help of Denise Wayne, in just one month, they signed ten new clients. By giving them the tools and ease of the software, they were well on their way showing a profit of $4,500. The program had already paid for itself and their business continues to grow.
  Month 2: They now have 35 clients with a profit of $26,250 and anticipate at least 5-7 new clients every month. Dorothea said, “When you look at $700-$1000 per client, than can add up pretty quickly.” And it does!
  Month 12: The Fitten's business experienced an exponential monetary growth in a relatively short amount of time” In less than one year, they not only replaced Dorothea's annual salary of $40,000, they doubled their combined income and reported to us that they must hire additional employees.
 Quote: "When you look at $700-$1000 per client, than can add up pretty quickly. In less than one year we have doubled our combined income!"


Case Study: Julie Garcia

Two years ago, Julie Garcia found herself laid off from her job after 15 years. Unemployment was not enough to keep her afloat and her credit began to take a hit pushing her down further. She found Credit Repair software online and once she fixed her own credit, her friends started asking for her help. Julie saw there was a desperate need for this type of service and could be a fulfilling and profitable business.

  Timeline: Julie invested in CREDIT-AID™ PRO 500 software, a website, a client portal and enrolled in a “Credit-Repair 101” course at the American Credit Repair Academy along with the help of Denise Wayne gave Julie all the tools and information she needed.
  Month 1: Julie knew many people who had been laid off – ten of whom immediately became her first clients. They welcomed the help and appreciated that she understood the debilitating effects of losing not just a job but also their credit. In return, Julie loved helping people who like herself had hit hard times. Her profit was close to $5,000.
  Month 2: Through the use of the flyers and web site she received with her software, and referrals, Julie was now gaining 8-10 new customers a month. The simple strategies she learned made substantial changes in all of her client's credit scores and more referrals kept coming in. Her income was now surpassing her monthly paycheck. Plus her time and hours were now her own.
  Month 12: Julie is delighted with her new business and has a new respect for herself and her clients are enjoying the same benefits. Her first years profit was close to $80,000. She knew she would never have to look for a job again!
 Quote: "My first year's profit was close to $80,000. I love my new business and I love helping people!"


"Credit-Aid Software is by far the best software package we have seen. As a complete all-in-one business program we were able to start our company from scratch and having it running overnight. With a complete website builder and the Client Portal everything was up and running in no time. Daniel was wonderful with all his expert advice and he was able to direct us so we saved thousands of dollars getting going. I will recommend this company to everyone I know wanting to start a credit repair company."
— Kevin, West Legal Credit Repair, New York, NY

"We started a tax preparation business last year with modest results.  In order to keep the office open (and by customer request) my partner and I decided to branch out into credit repair. Your software now helps us to build our customer base for the tax business. It is a wonderful tool for lead generation. Best of all, it paid for itself immediately with the first few clients. Credit-Aid provides superior customer service. You have gained a customer for life!"
— R.Y. in Texas

"I have a car dealership in New Mexico. We run promotions to repair credit for free. Credit-Aid software makes it effortless. Credit-Aid also gave us all the artwork for our "come see the credit doctor" ads. Now we have great leads walking into our dealership for less than a dollar each. This is an extremely successful and cost-effective campaign."
— C.G. in New Mexico

"A bad credit score can negatively impact a person's ability to obtain a decent mortgage. I am a mortgage broker and I help my clients with Credit-Aid Corporate PRO 1000 Software. It's simple to use and effective. Thank you for a wonderful and reasonably priced product!"
— N.L. in California

"I just did the upgrade to the new version and IT IS PERFECT!!!!!! I really like this software, and I am extremely happy with the customer support. I can't thank you guys enough!! I am about to open a second credit repair office on the other side of town, and I cant imagine using any other sofware at this point. Your software makes credit repair so EASY.  I am about to buy another license to use your software for my second location!!!"
Juan G., Laredo, TX

“This company was WONDERFUL to deal with; the greatest customer service on the net!!”
Jennifer W., Maple Shade, NJ

“I love your system! I deleted my negatives within 30 days and I'm so happy. This was the best investment ever and the customer service with credit-aid is excellent. You have a very good team. I wish all companies were just like you. I've tried everybody out there and your system is very powerful. Thank you for helping me. God bless you!”
— Manal Massis, Houston, TX

“I have owned a few different credit programs and this is by far the best. Very east to work through and implement.”
William D., Chambersburg, PA

"I most impressed with how far they were willing to go to help me as I was having a problem with my computer. This product is awesome."
J.S., Dunlap, IL

"My husband and I flip houses. We use Credit-Aid Pro software to help our buyers to qualify. It quick, easy and efficient. We do not charge clients for credit repair. Our profit is made from the sale of the homes."
— L.O. in Texas

 "I am a realtor and I also have a credit repair business. I charge clients a small flat fee of $150 to repair their credit. When their home purchase is complete, their realtor pays me an additional $200. Credit-Aid is a huge time saver. It's so easy to use, and it paid for itself with the first few clients. It also generates leads, because the credit repair service brings them directly to me."
— S.K. in Texas


"I would like to thank Denise for her expertise. Denise went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to training me in the credit repair field. She was so pleasant and caring, there was no way I couldn't win at this business. I was up and running my business the first week after taking the training school with Denise. I had five clients my first week. I made $1250 without trying hard at all. I paid for my Credit-Aid Software, my web site and the training course in the first couple of days. Thanks again Denise! You are great!"
— Derik A., Credit Repair Specialist, Hillsborough, NC 

credit repair training

"I was asked by my employer to start helping current clients with their personal credit issues. My background was in business funding. I had zero knowledge of personal credit repair. I read a few good books and learned a little. But then I was lead to the American Credit Repair Academy and Denise Wayne. Not only is she knowledgeable and professional, she makes learning fun too! I have learned the nuts and bolts of personal credit repair. Denise covers everything from A-Z and then some. Tricks of the trade, little know facts and decades of experience rolled into one fun course. I went from zero to hero with my clients. I recommend Credit 101 and Denise Wayne to anyone wanting to become proficient in this industry. Now I too can help people for years to come through the training I received from the American Credit Repair Academy and Denise Wayne. Thank you so much for this gift of knowledge!"

— Dan O., Funding Department Manager, Credit Repair Specialist, Boss Business Services, Las Vegas, NV

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"Many may claim to be FICO improvement professionals but few may ever attain the skills of Ms Denise Wayne.  She truly helps people to attain a higher credit score.  I believe this job is more than a vocation for her.  It is truly her passion.  My name is Ruben A.  I am a mortgage broker in San Antonio, Texas and she has helped me tremendously.  Her ability to quickly analyze a document as complex as a credit report and to offer a simple strategy to clean it up has endeared her to innumerable people in this industry.   Because of her superb talent more people have been able to keep their jobs, lower their payments and pursue the American Dream of home ownership.  We are truly blessed to have her among us.  I look forward to continue learning from her as well as benefiting from her wisdom.  Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about this wonderful lady."

— Ruben A., Mortgage Broker, Credit Repair Specialist , San Antonio, TX

credit repair training

"My name is Dorothea. My husband and I are property investors. We come across people daily that desire to have the American dream to become homeowners. Our recent economy have affected their dreams. We sought out many avenues to see how we could help them overcome their obstacles which lead me to Denise Wayne. She is truly a God-send. Denise has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the credit restoration process and is willing to share years of the "golden nuggets" she's acquired in order that others can succeed. Denise's ability and knowledge of the credit industry and credit bureau reports are impeccable. Denise has given me the knowledge to help others and for that I will always be grateful. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to endeavor in this career field."

— Dorothea F., Credit Repair Specialist, Hampton, VA

credit repaircertification

"The training that I received from Denise was INCREDIBLE. Everything she said was informative, helpful and insightful to say the least. I basically just sat on the other end of the phone as she continued to spit priceless knowledge that I will forever be grateful for. Her experience in this industry is evident. Her advice was invaluable. I learned so much more than I could have ever imagined. When starting your own business, you feel a pressure to succeed and a constant looming question of whether you"re doing things the right way. When my training session with Denise ended, It was as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I learned more about this line of work than I could have ever hoped for. I am forever grateful to her for her training and to Credit Aid for knowing what a quailty person they have training their clients."

— William J., Credit Repair Specialist, Staten Island, NY

credit repair training

"Denise, I want to thank you for a job well done. Given my full time student status, you made learning a breeze. I'm still trying to understand how I acquired so much new information without the headaches and anxiety normally associated with learning; please explain that. Your passion for teaching is evident in your voice. You are one of the best instructors I've ever encountered. Again thank you and God bless you."

— Adrienne F., Credit Repair Specialist, California

credit repaircertification

"Hello Denise, I really want to thank you for the great personal lessons that you provided in your Credit 101 course. Having been in the real estate business for more than 16 years, I have helped many clients improve their credit and buy their first home. I have now learned so much more from you and your course that now I feel I can help many more realize their dream of home ownership. I highly recommend to anyone who needs to learn how the credit industry works and how to help consumers improve their credit and improve their lives to have you as their teacher and mentor."

— John S., Realtor, ABR, CIAS, CDPE, Whitney Sims REalty, LLC, Bryn Mawr, Pa

credit repair training

"Denise is a great instructor! Following her methods and teaching I was able to raise my clients credit score over 100 pts within 2 months. Denise is very supportive and dependable. Because of Denise I am considering expanding my business. Thank you Denise! "

— Ms. Avant, Credit Repair Specialist, New Jersey

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"This testimonial is Ms.Denise Wayne. She has been very informative and knowledgeable about the credit industry and the Bureau's and their operating procedures. She has taught our company all the hidden secrets that other companies charge a whole lot for (with less positive results)."

— Claude S., Credit Repair Specialist, North Carolina

credit repair training

"When I started my credit repair business I had no idea where to begin. Denise has been the savior to my business. She is always available to talk and has helped me tremendously on learning to repair credit. She is the best thing to happen to my business."

— Elienai P, Credit Repair Specialist, Miami, FL

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"Ms. Wayne: This letter is submitted in recognition of outstanding services in respects to credit coaching. The guidance and the ability that you have given has saved us thousands of dollars, time and energy. There are many other companies we have spoken with, but the professionalism that you have shown has caused us not only to acquire your services but also to refer you to Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Colleagues, Friends and Family. Thank you for the amazing results that you have given us with your coaching. You have helped us to function more successfully in the market."

— Brian J., Credit Repair Specialist, ATGE LLC

credit repair training

"Ms.Denise, I had no idea where to begin in the credit repair business. You have been very patient and assisted me with how the business works. I graduated and I now have a insight on how credit repair works. Your patience and knowledge has been priceless. You are a great teacher and I hope my business becomes a success just like yours. Thank you so much."

— Cheree P., Credit Repair Specialist, A1 Services, Monroeville, AL

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"Denise, I'm so glad I found you! You have completely exceeded my expectations The entire experience was a pleasure, I  enjoyed the course and  the information was definitely top notch and I was able to apply it right away, you really know your business. Thank you!"

— Chris B., San Diego, CA

credit repair training

"My software and training were a great investment. The training was wonderful! I have learned a lot and my instructor, Denise was a wonderful teacher! I will definitely refer people to Credit Aid because the customer service is very good."

— Daryl M, Credit Repair Specialist.

credit repaircertification

"My software and training were a great investment. The training was wonderful! I have learned a lot and my instructor Denise was a wonderful teacher! I will definitely refer people to Credit Aid because the customer service is very good."

— Esther Saintus, Credit Repair Specialist, Kennesaw, GA 

credit repair training

"I am very impressed with the credit training I received from Denise Wayne at Credit Aid. Denise is very knowledgeable and was able to give me a good understanding of how to use the software effectively and the various ways I can help my customers with the creditors as well as the Credit Bureaus. Upon completion of my class with Denise, I felt comfortable, speaking to customers effectively about helping them to repair their credit. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is in the credit repair business. Denise made the whole experience very enjoyable."

— Nadi Persaud, Credit Repair Specialist. New York, NY

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"Denise, I would like to thank you, for being such a great mentor. It means a lot when you actually find someone online that is legitimate. I learned so much, at a price you cannot beat. Thank you!"

— Diane E., Credit Repair Specialist, Parkland, FL

credit repair training

"This course was very useful and definitely thought provoking. The entire course was clear and interactive – great, friendly and fun. Catered to all levels, which was good for those just starting out and those with more experience. Denise is extremely bright, well-informed - great presenter. Thank you very much – terrific work. I have personally gained enormous amount of knowledge in Credit Repair that will now be applied to my business. "

— Syed R., Credit Repair Specialist, Flushing, NY

credit repaircertification

"Dear Denise, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your help with my credit repair training. As a victim of ID theft I thought my battle to repair my own credit would be endless. You really took the time to understand and you created a personalized service that has helped me plan a complete credit repair business and prepare for my future. I can’t say enough about your professionalism, your fast response, and best of all, the peace of mind you gave me. I can always trust that you will provide the most efficient, effect, and high quality of service to resolve any problem. With you by my side, I have the confidence to continue to grow in my business. Kindest regards,"

— J. Chotas., Credit Repair Specialist, Marysville, PA

credit repair training

"My husband, who has been in the auto business for over 15 years was completely exhausted from working 150 plus hours every two weeks. Our family hardly ever saw him and when he was home he was always stressed about work. Wanting and needing to make a change, my husband started researching the credit repair industry and discovered it could be quite a profitable business. Together, since I'm a stay at home mom with two babies, we decided this business could be a way for him to get out of the auto industry for good. My husband came across the American Credit Repair Academy online. He called the number to get more information and Denise started pouring out her knowledge of the credit repair industry. Although my husband had a lot of experience with credit over the course of his career he could tell by just one phone call with Denise that we needed her knowledge to get us to where we needed to be to get our business going right. And thank goodness we decided to enroll in the Academy with her!!! She gave us so much information that we never would have known, saving us time and money and most importantly she gave us the knowledge we needed to successfully help our customers. She has been such a blessing to have during my husbands new career endeavor. My husband is a fast learner but I tend to take things slower. Even when I didn't understand the simplest things Denise was patient and kind, taking time to re-explain things until I fully understood them. We are going to keep using her services for a long time to come too! We feel we only have one chance to make a good impression to our customers so we better do it right the first time and we can't do it without Denise!! With her years of experience of doing this exact same thing we would be silly not to take advantage of all her experience! She is totally and completely worth the investment."

— Rich and Laura Beecroft, Credit Repair Specialists, Flagstaff, AZ  

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"I earn more in Credit Repair than I ever did as a Mortgage Broker...and I work fewer hours!"

- Phil Entenman., Boca Raton, FL
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