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Welcome to the Credit-Aid Pro Business Suite Quick-Start Guide! This is the place to go to learn the ins and outs of this program and additional services.


You can navigate through this guide using the table of contents in the PDF reader interface, or just read it straight through. You can also jump around using links, which are formatted in light blue text.

You’ll come across links to webpages that look like this: Just click them, and your default web browser will open the page and display additional information.


You’ll also notice that the guide is divided into different sections. If you want to learn how to perform the most common tasks in the program, check out “Working with Clients in your software.” It walks you through common tasks using simple, step-by-step instructions. Have a question? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions section. We’ve kept track of the questions we hear most often from our users and gathered them together in this section.


We hope this helps! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about how this guide can be improved, we’d love to hear them. Any technical support requests should go to

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