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1) Search our Knowledgebase ( The answer is probably there!

2) Submitting a Support Ticket:


PROVIDE: SAME FULL NAME and EMAIL you purchased with.

PROVIDE: Product Name - (ex: Corp Pro 100) and Version (ex: 8.52).

PROVIDE: DETAIL of the problem (ex: halfway thru my download, my PC froze).

PROVIDE: Copy & paste any error messages - (ex: "Invalid Activation Key")

PROVIDE: The URL if it’s an online issue - (ex: http/

PROVIDE: Screenshots of the error. Need help with screenshots? Click here!

If you have a download issue with software purchased from REGNOW Click here

Support tickets typed on cell phones are hard to understand. Write from your PC.

Please allow 24 hours for a reply; however we typically reply much quicker.
Please don’t send multiple tickets for the same issue.  It will cause a delay in response.

Thank you for helping us to help you!






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