Do not move or alter the Credit-Aid Pro system folders

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Credit-Aid Pro Software installs onto the C: drive into its own folder.  Do not attempt to move that folder to any other location, drive, flash drive or any other computer, even if you are intending to back it up. This is not the way to make a backup.  The only way to safely move/backup/restore client files is with the built-in backup restore tool.  The files in your Credit-Aid folder are encrypted (to protect your clients). These encrypted files cannot be read by anything other than the same installation of Credit-Aid Pro that created them. Please don’t touch, move or alter the Credit-Aid system folders. or you will damage your software installation and corrupt your client data.


The only backups you will ever need are original setup file (that you used to install your software) and client data backup created with the special backup/restore tool that is built into Credit-Aid Pro Software itself.  We recommend that you keep these backups in a safe place, on a CD or flash drive and not on this same computer.

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