Adding your Dispute

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Clicking “Add New Dispute Item” brings up the “Add New Dispute Item” screen.


1.Click which bureau is reporting the incorrect item.

2.Click a reason for the dispute. Most common reasons are there. If you don’t see one that matches the dispute, choose “Other information I would like changed.”

3.Next, enter the Creditor or furnisher who is reporting the incorrect item

4.Enter the account number (or whatever info you have).

5.Type a brief explanation i.e.: “I’ve never had a Macy’s account, please remove.”

6.Click “Add Item.”


7.Click to “Add New Dispute Item”…or click next to display your letter




Tips-128   Never dispute more than 5 items to the same credit bureau or they will mark your dispute as

  “frivolous” and dismiss it.  Wait at least 30 days between dispute letters.






8.You now have a perfect dispute letter.  Here is what you can do with it.


When you create and save a dispute letter in the Wizard; your software remembers the details of the dispute and keeps a running tally on the “Client Detail page.



Click on “Detailed View” and you will see a detailed list of each saved dispute.



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