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     Sample Credit Repair Campaign Ad 3

If you are a current PRO customer, we are happy to lend use of our CREDIT-AID™ Trademark and "The Credit-Doctor"© Photo/Icon to "co-brand" your credit related campaign. Our art department will be happy to help you. However, please read our guidelines for co-branding.


We are happy to lend use of our CREDIT-AID™ Trademark and our "The Credit-Doctor" Photo/Icon for credit-related campaigns.  Our Art Department will be happy to help.  In order to use our trademark images for a co-branded campaign, please contact us first, and then follow these guidelines.

  1. We reserve the right to approve (in each instance) exactly what manner you are proposing to use our trademark images and company name (artwork/final artwork, etc.)

  2. Usage must give reference to our company name with the TM symbol in same or similar font to Franklin Gothic Demi and Medium (ie: CREDIT-AID™ SOFTWARE). 

  3. The Credit Doctor “Doctor” photo/Icon must have a ™ next to it.

  4. The Credit Doctor “Doctor” Photo/Icon must also say the words “The Credit Doctor”©  in quotation marks with a copyright symbol.

  5. Our web address must be displayed somewhere in close vicinity to our trademark, icon and logo (

We keep some images on this page: and we can easily help you with more.  Just contact us at distribution @ to let us know what you would like.



Right mouseclick and "save" each image below to your computer. If you don't see the image you need, please let us know. Our Art Department would love to help you. This is a free service to help our valued customers. We also provide you with layered formats.


Credit-Aid LOGO


Credit Repair Ad


Credit Repair Ad3

Credit Doctor


Credit Doctor 2

Credit Doctor 3


Credit Doctor Slogan



Credit Doctor 5



Credit-Aid Slogan


Credit-Aid Slogan2


Credit Repair Slogan2





Credit-Aid Box Art



Credit-Aid Box Art2



Credit-Aid Screen

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Sample Credit-Aid Affiliate Banner

More banner ads like this can be found on our affiliate pages at affiliate.htm


Sample co-branded Ad with CREDIT-AID™ SOFTWARE Trademarks in a "credit related" campaign used by Galles Chevrolet in Albuquerque, New Mexico:




Seminar Headshots: Tim Dunnigan, Neil Daly, Daniel Rosen "The Credit Doctor"©


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